The ANT (Additional Needs Team) System

When I started out as Assistant Principal of Inclusion one of the biggest gaps and areas for development was the sharing of information to all staff to enhance personalisation, collating evidence of interventions and the analysis of impact. Building on ideas I had used as a Year 7 and 8 leader, I looked at creating an all-purpose system that would not only allow staff to access vital information on students such as behaviour, attendance, SEN information, strategies to support the students and more, but would also take in whole school behaviour and intervention processing and analyse them to provide instant impact data and identify areas of need both on an individual student level, year group level, key group level and whole school level.

Below is an insight into this system and how it is used in my setting.


The Additional Needs Team system will hold documentation on students that will be useful for classroom teachers, pastoral teams, SEN teams and SLT. Documentation held on the issue would be Student Intervention Logs, Student Support Plan and any other supporting documentation that would support the pupil’s learning. The aim of the system is to provide key information and support to all staff and provide a central platform for interventions and impact logging for pastoral colleagues.

What Does It Do?

  • The system will hold full contextual data of each student (PP/SEN/EAL …)
  • The system provides staff with a view of useful and quick teaching strategies that can be added to and updated to give a collegiate approach of working with our students
  • Important student documentation is available on the system to support teaching such as Student Support Plans, Intervention Logs and other useful documentation
  • You have the ability to refer any issues with a student through the system which will then be directed to the member of staff required who will respond and action your concern. Since starting in November the system has received 280+ referrals.
  • The system monitors student access to the school support systems such as Nurture and then can provide a view of how often each student accesses support services and when

ANT in Action

For more information on what is meant by PP Pathway, see my post on this here.


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