Monday Dec17

As we discussed I am London today and you have two hours where you need to direct yourself to either your revision for Unit 3 or Unit 8 corrections (which need o to be uploaded).


Remember for Unit 3 you need to be using your A3 book, online PowerPoints and your case studies with mock exams.


Please ensure that you use this time wisely. I should be able to pick up emails if there are any concerns or questions.


Welcome Back!!

Unit 3 - Jan 2017 - MS

Deadline for Monday 22nd Oct @9am

Task 9 (3.2.9) report should be completed. This should be over 1 side of A4 and uploaded as a PDF.


The template for this document can be found here.

Unit Information

Click here for the full unit breakdown and exam board guide.

Simple Scheme of Learning

unit resources

3.1 - what is meant by cyber security

If using IE, click here.


3.2 - Understanding the issues surrounding cyber security


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3.3 - Protection measures

3.4 - Managing Threats

Unit 3 - Jan 2017 - MS