mrdbu friday challenge

Schools across the country are banning mobile phones. Reports suggest that this is having a positive effect on school progress, behaviour and well being of students. mrDBU would like you work in small groups to discuss this and create a report that includes the following:

  • Why are mobile phones used by school children?
  • What would be the benifit of banning mobile phones from schools (use the research to help you)?
  • What would be the negative of banning mobile phones from schools?
  • From a business point of view, what could schools do to meet this half way? For example, phone lockers, signal blockers...
  • Evaluation - what is your decision

Once completed these need to be printed AT THE END OF THE LESSON and handed to the teacher who will pass them onto mrDBU. These will then really be used in our discussions around the important topic.

Research support

Mobile Phones Video

Mobile Phones Video and Further Information