Unit 2 - Computational thinking, algorithms and programming


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COVER work - Tues and Wed

Hello everyone! As you know we are working on Programming for the next few weeks. This task you are being given will test your understanding and ability to decompose a ready made program.


Task 1 - Page 3

You are going to review the MasterMind booklet. With a highlighter and pen you are going to review the flowchart. You should review the diagram and clearly annotate the what is happening within the diagram and what it is trying to achieve.

Task 2 - Page 4

For each line of code you need to annotate it clearly (in short hand) writing what the line does. So for example, if you see "//generate number" you may write that this is a comment.


Task 3 - Page 5

You are going to create the program you are given on Page 5 in Python. It is vital that you type this up and test it every couple of lines to ensure that it works. Once complete you need to screen shot this, place it in word and clearly in one paragraph explain what it does.

You should evidence this with a screenshot of the outcome.


Task 4 - Extending The Program

The program works, now what. Can you;

  1. Extend the choice of options and attempts?
  2. Record each attempt by writing to a file?
  3. Read for a file at the start to show the last number of attempts?
  4. Develop the program to do something different once the attempts are correct




2.5 – Translators & Language Facilities